Ornate Collection

Sold Out <span>ESA-104<span>: </span></span>Nesting Wings - Abalone Shell
<span>ESA-191<span>: </span></span>Saturn Hoops - Abalone Shell
<span>ESA-197<span>: </span></span>Pearl Drops - Abalone Shell
Sold Out <span>ESB-068<span>: </span></span>Shira Wings - Bone
<span>ESB-079<span>: </span></span>Plumeria Curls - Bone
<span>ESB-079<span>: </span></span>Plumeria Curls - Stained Bone
<span>ESB-087<span>: </span></span>Small Summer Feathers - Bone
<span>ESB-152<span>: </span></span>Kenzie Curls - Bone
<span>ESB-211<span>: </span></span>Sarina Wings - Bone
<span>ESB-226<span>: </span></span>Heart Swans - Bone
<span>ESB-234<span>: </span></span>Buffalo Skulls - Bone
<span>ESB-234<span>: </span></span>Buffalo Skulls - Bone
<span>ESB-253<span>: </span></span>Royal Scarabs - Bone
<span>ESB-260<span>: </span></span>Ryoko Dragons - Bone
<span>ESB-406<span>: </span></span>Nikora Silver Curls - Bone
<span>ESB-841<span>: </span></span>Yonah Wings - Bone
<span>ESH-021<span>: </span></span>Rasa Curls - Horn
<span>ESH-059<span>: </span></span>Regina Spirals - Horn
<span>ESH-068<span>: </span></span>Shira Wings - Horn
<span>ESH-070<span>: </span></span>Elvin Wings - Horn
<span>ESH-075<span>: </span></span>The Scorpions - Horn
<span>ESH-076<span>: </span></span>Bird of Paradise - Horn
<span>ESH-078<span>: </span></span>Mantra Wings - Horn
<span>ESH-083<span>: </span></span>Swaying Feathers - Horn
<span>ESH-087<span>: </span></span>Ancient Feathers - Horn
<span>ESH-102<span>: </span></span>Tomahawk Hooks - Horn
<span>ESH-125<span>: </span></span>Isabelle Swirls - Horn
<span>ESH-138<span>: </span></span>Ivy Spirals - Horn
<span>ESH-152<span>: </span></span>Kenzie Curls - Horn
<span>ESH-202<span>: </span></span>Dahlia Hoops - Horn
<span>ESH-211<span>: </span></span>Sarina Wings - Horn
<span>ESH-234<span>: </span></span>Buffalo Skulls - Horn
<span>ESH-260<span>: </span></span>Ryoko Dragons - Horn
<span>ESH-389<span>: </span></span>Sarina Wings - Horn
<span>ESH-841<span>: </span></span>Yonah Wings - Horn
<span>ESS-047<span>: </span></span>Leo Drops - Shell
<span>ESS-104<span>: </span></span>Tulsi Wings - Black Shell
Sold Out <span>ESS-107<span>: </span></span>Small Eagles Wing - Shell
Sold Out <span>ESS-241<span>: </span></span>Irie Lotus - Shell
<span>ESS-248<span>: </span></span>Sudanese Open Hoops - Mixed Shell
<span>ESW-043<span>: </span></span>Cradled Wings - Wood
<span>ESW-060<span>: </span></span>Eternity Lotus - Wood
<span>ESW-068<span>: </span></span>Shira Wings - Wood
<span>ESW-070<span>: </span></span>Elvin Wings - Wood
<span>ESW-070<span>: </span></span>Elvin Wings - Wood
<span>ESW-082<span>: </span></span>Summer Feathers - Wood
<span>ESW-083<span>: </span></span>Swaying Feathers - Wood
<span>ESW-125<span>: </span></span>Isabelle Swirls - Wood

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