PB-241: Tamara - Bone

$ 20.00

Hand Carved Maori Pendant

  • Medium: 1.5" in length

  • Also available in: Horn

The salvaged bone used to hand-carve these pendants comes from a domesticated water buffalo used for cultivation and food. To minimize waste, they are respectfully utilized for this form of art and income. Every carved Maori pendant has significance and meaning. Some combine several elements from Maori mythology to provide the carrier with the appropriate guidance and protection along the journey. Some basic designs & their meanings: Fishhook- strength, determination, prosperity, safe passage over open water; Spiral- new beginnings, growth, harmony, peace and tranquility; Twist- balance, eternity, friendship, love, two lives bond together as one; Dragon- sky, earth, sea and the other balance between the elements. 

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